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White House Farm (2020) Review

Revolves around the true story of a fateful night in August 1985 when five members of the same family are murdered at an Essex farmhouse, and the ensuing police investigation and court case that follows.

Director: Paul Whittington

Writer: Kris Mrksa and Giula Sandler

Producer: Lee Thomas

I don’t often review television shows on my website because I don’t really watch TV because I hate cliff-hangers, due to the fact that they work on me so well and I have to binge watch and find out what happened and White House Farm got me gripped. A murder story based on true events which I’m sure has been dramatized a little bit of a twisted tail of a mum that seems to be unstable and goes crazy, kills her parents and her two little twin sons.

The first episode showed us some beautiful cinematography and used slow motion at one point that seemed to be a crucial turning point to the story. There was some excellent style choices as well by making what the audience perceives as a news report the camera cuts to look like a 1980s TV screen. The story starts with very little background and just after the murder has happened with Jeremy Bamber (Freddie Fox) calling the local police station instead of 999. The investigation almost begins from the off. Storming the house and finding the bodies.

The investigation lead by DCI Thomas “Taff” Jones (Stephen Graham) writes it off as murder suicide but the presence of DS Stan Jones (Mark Addy), the man being put in charge of looking after the family goes to witness the crime scene and it doesn’t all seem to add up to him. He is then left in a sticky situation by Taff on how to precede. A lot of details are uncovered and it leaves the story twisting and turning at every opportunity. It made the show really engaging for me and almost turned me into a detective with the majority of the details that were released. You questioned how characters were acting, how every little detail could add up to solving this murder case. It made it so engaging that it kept me talking after it was over.

The casting of this Television series was really good and everyone seemed to look the perfect part for their characters. DS Stan Jones was cast really well having a man of the police force that looked like he was just trying to do the right thing and casting Mark Addy fitted that role. The same goes for the casting of Jeremy Bamber (Freddie Fox) and his friends that come into the story later the fit the history of the character that begins to unravel and really look like they come from a different world to the rest of the family and town where the murders were committed.

White House Farm was also accompanied but some brilliant performances, not just by the leads but also all of the supporting cast and I think they all deserve recognition for playing their parts so well that made the story truly gripping.

Overall, I think this series does well on making it all very believable and this is thanks to some excellent scriptwriting building intrigue with little bits of knowledge, constructing tension between people that are just trying to do the right thing in the two police officers all pulled together with amazing performances.

I rate this movie 3.5/5.

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