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White Chicks (2004) Review

Two disgraced FBI agents go way undercover in an effort to protect hotel heiresses the Wilson Sisters from a kidnapping plot.

It is often hard to judge a comedy when you are used to watching serious movies and films that delve into deeper concepts or on this blog the odd foreign film and occasional horror.

I was working on another review and put this movie on in the background because I just wanted something easy watching and thought why not? But turns out I found the film funny and got into it more than I expected because, in the whole time that White Chicks was on, I wrote a whole paragraph. Shocking when I intended on writing a page. It had so many gags in it that appealed to my youthful side of humour and this film shows us as well that this isn’t above a fart joke which I think all movies should look at because farts are funny in movies. A lazy tool for a cheap gag, perhaps but was it funny yes. They may have milked it a bit too much as the farting toilet scene went on for far too long.

The opening scene really got me and set the tone it felt like it was a drug deal and I had no idea what the hell was going on because it also felt odd because the two crazy guys in the shop seemed completely out of tune with what was going on. Turns out that they were 2 FBI agents trying to do a drug bust.

The comedic style of White Chicks felt very American but that isn’t a bad thing. The slapstick style humour I thought was brilliant. The concept is crazy and to think that no one noticed that it was 2 dudes dressed up as women may have been absurd as it was pretty obvious but either way it made it great to watch. It was exceptionally over the top and one scene that I thought was particularly funny was the scene in the club where the ‘Wilson Twins’ had a dance-off. I thought it was over the top but hilarious at the same time. But this scene wasn’t short of getting some actual storyline out of it even if it was a bit of drunken exposition, I still think it worked.

The only other comedy I reviewed; I think, is Dolemite Is My Name. That comedy focuses a lot more on character and this is where this comedy is a lot less serious and is just here to have fun and that isn’t a bad thing. Just that this is a different kind of comedy.

Femineity clashing with masculinity It did actually have a touching story, however, with a flawed male who was a workaholic and never gave any attention to his girlfriend. It was this undercover cop journey that allowed him to discover his feminine side and hear from a female mouth what a woman is thinking without the presence of a male. It makes him realise that he is ridiculously out of touch with his girlfriend and gives him the realisation that he needs to change. This film almost makes men look like vultures in the auctioning off of women and it doesn’t hide from the fact that the men in this movie look at women like objects to obtain it provides a unique aspect that turns something every day into something that is laughable.

To conclude, I thought this film had some great humorous light-hearted entertainment that didn’t have much of a story but had enough with a positive message of what it means to be feminine to keep the plot flowing forward in a smooth manner that didn’t feel completely irrelevant. But it didn’t amaze me and feel like in 10 years’ time I’ll just be like oh yeah that film…

It is for this reason that I am giving it a 2.5/5

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