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Stranger Things Season 3 (Spoiler Free) Review

I went into Stranger Things season 3 with the hype that the show deserved but also a degree of scepticism.

The Duffer brothers delivered a great series of Stranger Things with pacing that was so solid for the first 4 episodes and provided an aesthetic that only Stranger Things could deliver. The season focuses on many dark issues of teenagers and their local town, and that's all I can say without going into spoiler territory. However, episodes 5-7 was where I thought that the series started to drop and I began to lose a bit of interest until the final episode which I thought flew by even with its run time of approximately 120 minutes.

The lighting was very neon based this season partly due to the mall which has opened. This allowed the show to create some very visually pleasing cinematography that truly blew me away at points and it is because of this that I could tell that the production value of the show has improved drastically since the first season and it is money that the show would've been granted without hesistation.

The editing of this show drastically improved this season and combined with the cinematography makes this series a complete joy to watch visually unfold with seemingly unnoticeable transitions.

The series as a whole kept its terrifying aspect and explored dark topics but also provided an element of fun that did carry the show to its end.

Now whilst I don’t think storytelling wise this season was as good as the first it was a lot more appealing to me as filmmaker in the techniques that they used to make the show.

I rate this season a 4/5.

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