• Joshua Buck

Sorry To Bother You. A new cult classic

I went into this film really eagerly and it was a film I’d been waiting to watch for a long time so when I was strolling into HMV to pick up Black Panther (I know, I’ve only just got it, as a marvel fan I’m appalled with myself) I saw it on the shelf and thought why not! So, I went home and got ready and sat down to watch it.

Boots Riley debut film Sorry To Bother You follows telemarketer Cassius Green (LaKeith Stanfield) who discovers the key to success and is shot up the ladder whilst having to deal with his greed.

This presses on so many key issues of how society oppresses people in the career ladder and I believe comments on how white people are very blind that the people at the top tend to be white and that the black people at the top of the company have to put on a white voice to be successful.

However, whilst tackling these difficult issues it uses a great way to express them through comedy. The comedy is established the second Cassius Green gets his job. One scene that I really liked and thought was really different was where Cassius Green was calling people and you actually got to see him transported to the caller and chat to them on the phone in their scenarios. I thought this was a really original idea and was a good way to make an everyday job more visual for a storytelling perspective.

The film seems to go in such a natural direction that you would expect from the film and it builds relationships for Cassius Green and you see his story progress in a natural way. However, the story completely changed within the second act and it wasn’t a direction I expected it going in. It was very original and kind of left me gobsmacked as I genuinely didn’t know what to think and what the hell I was watching.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I thought it was a really new and original way to tell a story with serious issues that other comedies haven’t tackled as they are restricted to a more formulaic storytelling narrative. However, I think Sorry To Bother You was different and will be a film that the future will come back to as proof that you can subvert expectations and make commentary on social issues whilst giving everyone a few laughs.

Overall, I rate this film 3.5/5.

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