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Sicario (2015) Review

Sicario is a film that follows an ideal FIB agent Kate Macer played by Emily Blunt at the border between USA and Mexico. An explosion which takes out some of her crew forces her to get more involved in the drug cartel war at the border.

Emily Blunts performance in this movie is spectacular and really gripped me and I fully believed her character as I watched on as Kate Macer was kept in the dark about everybody’s allegiances and what their true goal was. The fact that we never knew what was right or wrong and neither did she made it thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Letting the viewer decide was a very good aspect that I highly enjoyed and was a film I had to watch twice to fully understand what was going on at all angles.

This film has some great scenes that are so tense and are a joy to watch unravel. One particular scene that I enjoyed was when they are all stuck at the border in traffic and it is the slow crawl of the surrounding vehicles that really grips you in the scene. I particularly like how they introduce a shooter in this scene with a side mirror of the car.

The ending of this film put me in genuine shock and I did not expect but with the brutal nature of this film it does make a lot of sense and makes me question what is right and wrong which the film wanted to achieve so in that respect it is very good.

However, personally I don’t think this film fully did enough to wow me like other movies and partly think is due to the editing as it only shows the audience what it needs to and the story doesn’t seem fast.

Overall, I rate this film 4/5.

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