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Se7en Review

Two detectives at opposite ends of their career hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives.

The film starts a very simple murder detective story and creates an area so enigmatic and dark that sets in stone that this is not going to be a happy movie. It definitely creates a dull tone but its reasons for that mirror the story so well. The story starts right at the beginning of the detective story and we follow them along as they try and uncover who the killer is. The killer always seems to be ahead and it leads to this magnificent chase that you don’t think is going to end. Until it does and it creates such a memorable ending and the ending of the movie really is one to see.

The world compliments the performances and its almost film noir detective story with what looks like a really run-down city and the constant rain. The city has consumed Somerset and there is no ray of sunshine in his life. The only time there is light in Somerset’s life is when he completes his last police mission and looks set for retirement. I may have interpreted that wrong but the fact that he thought of elaborate murders and big Hollywood detective stories the fact that he gets one as his last mission I think that made Somerset internally happy. The constant rain, however, highlights how run down this town in and Mills really does question why he came to this city.

Mills (Brad Pitt) and Somerset (Morgan Freeman) deliver excellent performances and both characters really create a great degree of conflict by both characters being at the beginning of their career and the end. It makes sense that the younger character, Mills, is more animated and the older wiser Somerset is more complacent and keeps his cards closer to his chest. Both performances are very well acted and Brad Pitts more animated performance is really captivating and one I loved watching. To think this was a younger Brad Pitt as well it shows why he has had the successful career he has had.

The villain was perfectly crafted and was everything that the detectives didn’t want from a killer. He was intellectual and patient and ended up being a nightmare for the detectives. He started off as not having any motives and then it was slowly spoon-fed to the audience as to what they were. The absence of his presence as well so we just saw the crimes that he committed made him even more powerful and was a great villain for Mills and Somerset. We even heard his voice before we actually saw him and his voice sounded sinister and made seeing him seem even more powerful. He seemed well screwed on and knew how to play the police and knew how to get away with what he was doing and really does mean that he had the power and this dull city had allowed for this quiet city man to get away with everything that he was doing.

To conclude, this was an excellently directed movie by David Fincher and he built this world so perfectly to mirror the story. Combined with excellent performances and a killer villain it made for an entertaining watch and is a classic thriller that I recommend everybody watches.

Overall, I rate this movie a 4/5.

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