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Raw (2016) Review

The French film debut written and directed by Julia Ducournau follows a vegetarian vet student who begins a craving for meat. This film has such a compelling coming of age film but is also combined with a cannibalistic horror.

The film follows Justine going to university to become a vet and gets initiated into university is to eat raw rabbit liver. As a vegetarian she refuses but social pressure and Justines awareness to fit into the way lives of her students dictates that she does eat the rabbit liver. Justine eventually progresses to eating meat but not the conventional meat but human flesh.

This film made me feel very claustrophobic at points and made it really uncomfortable for me to watch. It was definitely because due to the closeness of the camera and how tight the frames were combined with the graphic nature of the film. Some scenes didn’t have any dialogue but they didn’t need them because you could figure out what Justine was thinking.

Overall this film was executed very well and made me feel ridiculously uncomfortable at the points that it wanted me to. I highly recommend this film as I fully got involved and the begin and final shot are ones that will stay in my mind for a very long time.

I rate this film 4.5/5.

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