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Parasite (2020) Review

So, I wanted to see this film before the Oscars but when Parasite won Best Picture… I just had to go and see it and let’s say I wasn’t disappointed and it 100% deserved best picture. This movie is best if you go in blind not knowing anything about it.

Here is a bit about the film. A poor family, the Kims, con their way into becoming the servants of a rich family, the Parks. But their easy life gets complicated when their deception is threatened with exposure.

This is where my review will get into spoiler territory so if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this, go watch it and come back. The films narrative is perfectly circular and ends where it finishes in the ‘new world’ as a circular narrative should be. However, that doesn’t mean that the ending is happy. The dialogue is so well crafted and I feel like it is really gripping and I felt like my eyes never left the screen. Every word felt like it mattered and enhanced the story whilst creating conflict and bringing out and developing every character. The plot of this movie felt like 2 different genres. The first was like a comedy and I honestly found it so funny a lot funnier than I ever thought and the second half was more a thriller. Even though in the second half it turns into a thriller it still manages to keep some of the comedic elements when it wants to but also knows when not too which is genius in writing in my opinion and it is without doubt that this film won best original screenplay at the Oscars.

Now, production design in movies isn’t something I have spoken about much on my reviews but this year at the Oscars was probably the one category that really anyone could have won. I put money on ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ to win and it did, even though I thought it was going to go to 1917 because I though that film was a phenomenal achievement in production design to tell the story and accommodate the filming process to get that one shot take. However, I was very impressed with the production design of as I felt like the scenery of the film carried the story and added further meaning to the story setting the world of the Kims as even poorer and the Parks look significantly more well off.

This film provides great social commentary about the world that we live in today and the fact that it is a foreign film and it still provides meaning to society in our different culture I think it’s a great concern as to the way the world is now. The film raises the question of class and in the film which family is the Parasite? The Kims or the Parks. However, I think the film might stretch further than that and critique capitalism as a system and potentially it is the system that is the parasite as the film doesn’t provide an alternative so you know what the future holds past the movie.

Overall I rate this movie: 5/5

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