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Paddington (2014) Review

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Paddington (2014) is a film that never fails to make me smile. It is a film that is so colourful so well paced that it completely fills me with joy and is enough to grip any child or adult for the whole run time.

The film follows a young bear called Paddington, voiced by Ben Whishaw (The Lobster) who leaves his home of Darkest Peru to head to London to look for a new home. It is in London that he finds the Browns as they try and help him look for a new home.

The film is so well written full of great wit and each character is defined so differently with every trait portrayed on screen that makes it a truly visual tale. Whilst sometimes the CGI is questionable but still good, there is a lot worse out there, the film is so well worked combining a CGI character with the real world.

Each scene has a clear change from positive to negative or visor-versa and the amount times I watched this film and went ‘oh no’ for then my expectations to be fully met, this made this film fully entertaining.

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I rate this film 4.5/5

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