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Updated: May 2, 2019

Technology has massively improved the lives of movie goers allowing audiences to theorise share their thoughts and opinions across multiple media platforms. Fans and audiences going out of their way to share their thoughts and theorise on platforms such as blogs and vlogs on places such as a website and YouTube has shown that people are fully getting involved in a transmedia storytelling. Although fan fiction and theories are unofficial transmedia it still benefits the film that is being speculated as it creates a ‘hype’ before or even after the film.

One film franchise where this theorising is put into place has to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe where every film is full of Easter eggs and fans go online to create videos or online paratexts, their own trailers, reviews and spoilers, breaking the film down and what potentially every detail could mean. Therefore, audiences are involved in the world of the film even after watching it as the film has created Easter eggs and the film has finished this establishes the fans loyalty with the brand allowing them to speculate more and create their own theories of what could happen in the film. A prime example of this would be Marvel Entertainment’s Avengers: Infinity War which had a rather open ending allowing fans to speculate and create theories about the next film.

However, because the films are lined with potential theories this means that the production company takes extra precautions with their trailers. The trailer for Avengers:

Infinity War would be a prime example of this as there was footage seen in the trailer that wasn’t even seen in the finished film. This is not the first film of its kind however as I recall Star Wars: Rogue One doing something similar where footage was in the trailer but not in the film. The production companies do this to make sure audiences speculate before the films release. By uploading their trailers to sites such as YouTube then this gives the films a transmedia marketing campaign. The audience then expands on this so it means whatever transmedia marketing happens the audience will speculate whether it is from the production company releasing a game or in Marvel’s case they release a Prelude comic for the film that is about to come out.

Technology has made it easier for production companies to converge across all different platforms and share media to reach a wider audience however this also has meant that the ‘average joe’ can also make films from new cheap technologies. Sean Baker’s Tangerine (2015) is a prime example of this happening as it was shot solely on an iPhone 6S equipped with a clip-on lens and an $8 app for its cinematography. This then creates a pathway for an individual to get recognition of projects being made as it is innovative cheaper and can still produce a get film. Social media has also come into this as people can now create short stories and create a narrative on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat however it does provide limitations in terms of what the average person can do as you have to keep in line with the upload file sizes that Instagram allows you.

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