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Marriage Story (2019) Review

Now over the festive holidays I have watched so many movies and for my review I genuinely considered doing a festive themed review. However, every time I came to the page to type up a review all I could think about was the first movie I wrote after my review of Inbetweeners 2, that movie being Netflix’s Marriage Story.

The premise of this movie is simple. A married couple is going through a divorce whilst they’re still trying to be a family.

Now I have only seen Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars and Scarlett Johansson in the MCU and I didn’t think the performances were anything other than just your standard performances from Hollywood blockbuster actors. But Marriage Story put them into a whole new spotlight.

This beautiful crafted drama really made Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson’s performances really shine through and certainly deliver the best performances I have ever seen by the two. They both take you through emotions that are sweet and heart-breaking, capturing what a divorce is all about.

A great intro that shows you the film is going to follow both sides of the divorce and manages to really open the audience up to the relationship that these two are in to then completely crush you later on.

It is so well crafted and tensions rise between two completely different types of lawyers. On one end of the spectrum you have Scarlett Johansson’s lawyer who is a very bold LA lawyer in comparison to Adam Drivers lawyer played by Ray Liotta who as a lawyer takes an approach that Charlie doesn’t like as he doesn’t understand why he’d need to take such an approach for the divorce.

The cinematography of this movie is great and shows that you can keep it simple and still be immensely powerful. An example I can think of is when Nicole is first sat with her own lawyer and the camera slowly pushes in as we see her emotions shift. This is great storytelling and is so powerful and little details like this you really get to see the emotion in each scene.

By the time this film comes to its conclusion it left me really satisfied and very emotional (definitely didn’t shed tears). I thought this was a great film and an example of what I want to see Netflix achieving within the industry and I hope it continues.

Overall, with amazing performances and great casting, and cinematography and a story really rich with emotion and great arcs I have to rate this film 4.5/5.

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