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Love Island (2019) Review

I have never watched Love Island before this season but watched it this time at university with mates who had watched previous seasons. I was one of those people that used to be like ‘I’m not watching that load of rubbish’. Little did I know that the socialness of watching the first episode combined with the absolute savagery of the girls stepping forward for someone they fancied to then be coupled up with them and then stand forward for the next bloke mate it really entertaining to watch as a first-time viewer. Combined with watching it with friends in the room made for a great number of laughs and a few jokes.

It was official that, I was completely hooked. The premise of the show seems such a simple one 10 singletons have couple up in a villa to then spilt or take £50,000. Doesn’t sound great on paper. However, at the helm of the show was a cast/contestant all with their own different personalities that makes it appealing for anyone to watch and the audience can at least side with one individual.

The producers of the show play a fantastic part in the running of the show really forcing the contestants to make decisions that they don’t want to or to spice up the show in times where it seems to be going a bit quiet. Although it makes for extremely entertaining viewing it also made me think about the topic of mental health. With ITV saying they will be focusing on mental health in their shows and helping contestants I don’t think the producers although making great television for escapism is taking some affect on the people in there. Some of you might remember Mike Thalassitis or 'Muggy Mike' and whilst I don’t know the full extent of why he potentially took his own life I couldn’t help but watch this series of Love Island and how it is affecting the contestant’s mental health. One person in particular was Lucie of which the show made it look like she was bullied from all angles and I couldn’t help but think about her mental health and another person was Anton who I felt great distress when it came to some of the decisions he had to make.

I did enjoy the majority of the show but within the last week I was genuinely a bit bored and couldn’t wait for it to be over and when it was the show didn’t actually feel resolved for me it just kind of made me feel OK is that it…

However, I did fully enjoy the show whilst being fully aware of the mental health strains so maybe I am part of the problem. I will only watch it next year if I am watching it with people and will not chose to watch it on my own back.

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