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It follows (2014) Review

2014s ‘It Follows’ generated a large buzz a few months back nearly 5 years after it was put onto Netflix and people saw how good it was. It was a film that I missed out on in its 2014 release and have only just got around to watching again. The film has a simple premise of a woman is followed around by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter.

The fact that it was an unknown cast made it really interesting for me and I thought the performances were really good and really played out each scene very well.

The title simply states what the demon does there’s no beating around the bush and it is a title that really captures the movie. It helps with the fact that the demon doesn’t run and it just walks as well giving it a really interesting spin.

A horror film that highlights the morality of what a person is to do with an STD makes it a really good watch and the story plays with this morality really well.

One of my favourite shots of this film is where the character Annie is in a wheelchair and she is being pulled around whilst being followed. The camera in this film does exceptionally well of telling the audience that something is there whilst the characters at the time cannot see anything. It is a great bit of visual storytelling that really drew me in and made it a very horrifying aspect of the movie.

I loved the idea that for the large part of the movie Annie was trying to convince her friends that it existed and they didn’t believe her at all made it very interesting and you actually felt sorry for Annie when she tried to pass on the demon.

The soundtrack of this film is amazing and has to be one of the best scores I’ve ever heard and for me it is very unconventional for a horror film and almost sounds like it belongs in a sci-fi movie.

The origin of the Sexually Transmitted Demon is left unexplained and I like that. Its not something that needs to be explained either it is simply here’s a demon. This is what it does and that is it. I like that concept and it leaves gaps for explaining to be done which most modern horrors lack now as the supernatural needs an explanation as to what it is doing and why. This demon is an exception to the rule and breaks it really well in a satisfying manor.

The ending of this film is satisfying as both Annie and Paul are walking down the street and something is following them.

Overall, I rate this film: 4.5/5

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