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Inbetweeners 2 (2014) Review

Jay, Neil, Simon and Will all unite for a holiday in Australia. That is a brief summary for a film that didn’t do much else other than that.

The film was a good idea and manged to capitalise on many aspects that made the tv show and the first movie great but failed to deliver and seemed to run out of ideas half way through. As a film I feel like it didn’t work however, as an episode I feel like it may have worked.

In the few aspects that worked in the movie there was a lot that didn’t. Jays arc was decent and one that you expected of his character and it was the same with Simons arc. Wills arc still hasn’t shifted even being at university where you would have expected his arc to maybe change slightly however I liked the fact that it didn’t. Neil honestly felt like a bit part that was just kind of there and didn’t really offer anything. On a very negative note I finished watching the film by going ‘What a load of shit!’ It was actually really annoying because I really enjoyed the first half an hour to forty minutes but after then it fell flat.

A major issue I had with the movie was that it was all set up by Jay gloating about himself in Australia. Now any viewer of the show will know that the others of the inbetweeners gang has already established Jay as being a massive bullshitter so there was no reason for them to believe him and make a surprise trip to Australia to see his amazing life and most of all believe him. This was a massive issue I had with the movie and took me out of it but I felt committed to watching it because I’m a massive fan of the characters the television show and the first movie.

I think this film felt very forced and missed a lot of elements that made the tv show so successful and one main element that I think it missed was the intimacy that The Inbetweeners TV show and first movie had. This film diverted from that by putting it on a big scale removing elements such as the togetherness of the lads and separating them to try and give them their own arcs and failing. The story of Will leaving and coming back to the group feels like a story we have seen before already in the show and whilst watching it just made me go ‘meh’ and didn’t really give me any satisfaction. I feel like the characters didn’t learn anything and it was just a holiday just because.

If anyone who wishes to disagree and argue that it is a good inbetweeners film I am willing to listen but I also challenge you to remember 3 jokes from this movie that worked and helped carry the story.

The directing and cinematography felt very different to the first movie and TV show and felt Hollywood. Not to say that is a bad thing I just think it didn’t work with the world that the inbetweeners is in.

I honestly felt hopeful about this movie and the first half an hour delivered pretty well with a few jokes that I didn’t think work that I let slide but by the end of the movie I thought it ran out of idea and just got stupid. Sorry Inbetweeners 2 but I really didn’t enjoy it.

Overall, I think that film is worthy of a rating of a 2/5.

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