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Hereditary (2018) Review

After the grandma dies in the family, the grieving family is haunted by scary occurrences and start to find out secrets.

So that sentence describing the film sounds like a pretty average plot that doesn’t scream much about the film that for me interests me enough. However, if you watch the trailer it is evident of why Ari Asters first written and directed film does appeal to an audience that likes horror movies.

However, I arrived to the party late, I wanted to watch it but took a very long time to get around to it and I wish I saw it on the big screen in the cinema. Not just because I am a fan of actually going to the cinema but I wish I was there to witness the reactions to that one scene and if you have seen it, and I highly recommend that you do, you know what scene I am on about.

This film stuck to the horror tropes so well but the story seemed so freshy it didn’t feel samey. By this I mean it was still a story in an isolated home but then subverted that by still having scenes in the day time.

The relationships of this family are established really well before the story reaches its inciting incident and the horror show begins with simple decisions like letting the son go to a party and making him take his little sister when we know he smokes pot and is going to do it with friends. It leads the audience to react with an ‘Oh no, why?’ the same reaction an audience would have to a horror movie protagonist going towards a noise of a squeak upstairs.

Toni Collete gave a great performance in the movie which was extraordinary and gave a great degree of expressionism which really showed the audience what the character was feeling as she was being tormented.

This movie explains enough but also a small amount that keeps the audience guessing to continue their engagement. It took me a few days to recover from seeing this film. But I appreciate this film so much and it was really refreshing and was just a straight up good horror and will be one that I believe will be in the minds of people for a long time.

I highly recommend you go check this movie out but be prepared when you do because it is a hard watch and is a lot to dissect. But isn’t that what a horror movie should be?

Overall, I rate this movie:


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