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Game Night (2018) Review

A group of friends who meet regularly for game nights find themselves entangled in a real-life mystery when the shady brother of one of them is seemingly kidnapped by dangerous gangsters.

Excellent direction I loved the creative vision with shots feeling like it was an actual board game and the cars driving around were like someone was controlling them with their hand. The extreme long shots of the neighbourhood looked like a model village and it really made me feel like I was watching a life of a board game. I thought it was a very clever direction and one that seemed really fresh. Another thing I noticed with the direction was that the fact that all the characters felt like their own characters. Now that doesn’t sound like anything special but it was something I noticed and the fact that the actors all seemed to react different but also revealed a bit more about their characters is another great little note of direction that you wouldn’t necessarily notice in other movies.

A prime example of characters being their own and having their own little thing was that Ryan (Billy Magnussen) had an obsession with rich people and fight club. But this was something that he mentioned within the first like two minutes of us seeing him on screen and it was nice to see there be a pay off where we got to see a rich people actually have a fight club but it wasn’t in the story just for the sake of it. It was there because it actually was a part of the story. To me I think this is a great bit of character building and also scriptwriting.

Whilst I am on the topic of talking about how clever the scriptwriting is in this movie, I am going to take time to talk about the script. Written by Mark Perez the writer that previously wrote Herbie: Fully Loaded of all films has turned in a fantastic script and one that the arcs were so well completed as each couple have their own arcs and each learn their own lessons. The script was well paced and honestly had heart to it as well and it was really refreshing and is probably one of my favourite modern comedies. This comedy is more of the kind of style that I look for out of a comedy. Now I enjoyed last weeks entry in White Chicks but this was definitely more my kind of comedy.

The soundtrack of this film is actually pretty good as well and I wouldn’t expect a comedy to have such a good soundtrack. It was kept funky and playful and fit the theme of the movie really well. Its not a stand out soundtrack like Interstellar but good enough to stand out just enough to get noticed.

I think this comedy is really fresh and is so well done. I think it is funny when it needs to be and has the chemistry between the actors to match it. The script was fantastic I had a good time and enjoyed it a lot. It was good to see a new directorial style in a comedy.

Overall, I rate this movie a 4/5.

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