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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Review

When aspiring musicians Lars and Sigrit are given the opportunity to represent their country at the world's biggest song competition, they finally have a chance to prove that any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.

I would like to point out I went into this movie with zero expectations due to Will Ferrells previous movies such as Daddys Home and The House. However, I went in with a slight element of hope as Rachel McAdams and she has shown that she can play comedic characters in films such as Game Night.

This was actually really good at setting the tone for the world you were about to witness whether you think it is stupid or ridiculous. I would like to point out that the cinematography sometimes is actually a lot better than I ever expected. There were some beautiful shots of Lars when he was sat at a tower in Iceland and some of the shots of the snowy town were very pretty, well-lit and I really felt It tried to catch the beauty of their tiny village in Iceland.

The script I actually thought the script of this movie was pretty good. Each scene had a nice flow to it and it stuck to the standard Hollywood screenplay structure without seeming like it was forced. However, there is a couple of issues I do actually have with the script. Some of that is the jokes that I didn’t felt landed and the other is that this movie is 2 and a half hours long. It really didn’t need to be that long. I felt like the movie could’ve ended after Fire Saga’s performance in the Eurovision song contest but it dragged it out a bit too much. I also felt like Lars had 2 moments in which he felt like he couldn’t return and he only figured out what he wanted in one of them which leads me to ask why have both? One massive moment of inconsistency that I also noticed was when at the Eurovision song contest and Fire Saga were being introduced to everyone. They got told ‘no one votes for the UK’ for that year’s event to be held in Edinburgh so that had to have won it. I know that seems really picky but I couldn’t help but notice it.

Rachel McAdams deserves far more credit that the Academy gives her. No matter what role it is, she always seems to put in a great performance and I thought she was really good at Eurovision as well. I felt like her character arc was actually very good and you felt proper emotion when combined with her performance when she sang, even if it wasn’t her singing in ‘Husavik’.

The music of this movie actually really surprised me. I thought it was very good and I think I will forever have ‘Jaja Ding Dong’ embedded into my brain as it is so catchy and I can’t help but love that song. There was a great positive moment for everyone as there was a musical number with supposedly every performer from Eurovision and had to be the most inclusive scene I have ever witnessed in a movie and it goes to show how music can bring all different kinds of people together and I thought that was a really good positive moment for the progress of the movie. Now we get onto the big song. The song that is currently in the UK Top 40 and rightly so. ‘Husavik’ performed by Molly Saden. This musical number blew me away in the movie and made me super emotional as it completely wrapped up both characters arcs really nicely. The song sent shivers down my spine and I just highly recommend you go and listen to it and even Will Ferrell appearing on the track doesn’t sound too bad.

Overall, I thought this movie was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. A bit too long of a runtime but great fun and it might even be a film I may consider rewatching as it did provide some decent laughs with some exceptional songs.

I rate this movie a 3/5.

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