• Joshua Buck

Boyhood (2014) Review

The life of Mason, from his early childhood to his arrival at college.

This film left me feeling very confused. I understood that it was filmed over a 12-year period and follows a small cast but I felt it was a bit boring. Now, hear me out. Although I felt it was a bit boring and the run time being nearly 3 hours, once the film had finished it left me feeling very inspired. The films dialogue feels ridiculously natural almost like the camera was hidden in each scene that it was in and that made the film feel so beautifully natural. It was great to follow the actors throughout the film and watch them age with the story.

Now most of cinema you look at the cinematography, production design sound design… stories beat and so on. But this film isn’t one to analyse in this aspect. This movie is so soulful that analysing it almost feels wrong as it feels like it is such a natural story that you cannot analyse it. In my opinion this is one of the greatest compliments a movie can achieve.

The performance of Patricia Arquette playing the mother, Olivia is absolutely phenomenal and I was fully convinced by her and I could feel every struggle she was going through as a mother. To see the connection growing between the actors their performances develop as the story goes on.

This story has so much love in it and it is honestly inspiring. I thought the film was a bit boring but afterwards it has made me see life from a whole new perspective that most films should strive to achieve.

Overall, I rate this movie: 4.5/5.

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