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Black Panther (2018) Review

The first time I saw Black Panther I thought it was too long, I thought the music by Kendrick Lemar was just thrown in without any purpose and a CGI scene that I thought was awful. Overall, I came away from the film wanting more other than just a good protagonist.

There was 2 characters who really stood out to me Shuri (Letitia Wright) and Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). Shuri was a great character who really stood her ground and gave great comic relief from time to time. However, the man who stole the show was Michael B. Jordan. His performance was amazing and I genuinely believed his character. Killmongers arc was perfectly crafted and I think he was the best possible villain for Black Panther as his ideology of how Wakanda should be involved in the world. It is a different ideology to what Wakanda has ever known before and even though (Spoiler Alert) Killmonger is inevitably defeated his ideology lives on and the Black Panther realises that he might have been right and puts a more open Wakanda into action.

I think this story is really well rounded with characters with clear arcs and motivation. It is also well directed by the hand of Ryan Coogler who has clearly thought about so many things… the costumes, the colour and the framing.

It is understandable why this film has earned so much at the box office reaching over $1billion as it was a great movie part of a massive franchise and carried itself so well on its own merit.

However, after careful thinking and a second viewing I think it has to be one of marvels best movies.

That soundtrack that I felt was a bit pointless at times the first time around worked out perfectly the second and something that I really got behind. The length of the movie that I felt was really dragged out flew by the second time round and the second time round I did get frustrated by the CGI scene but it was very quickly brushed aside within 2 seconds and I continued watching the film forgetting about the bad CGI in that moment. So, all in all second time round I thought it was much better and think it is one of the strongest marvel movies.

I rate this movie 4/5.

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