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Batman Hush (2019) Review

SPOILER WARNING!! In case you read something that you don't want to.

One of my favourite DC comics has been adapted into an 82-minute movie. Featuring a massive amount of DC characters and cameos from villains and hero’s alike this film really throws you into the world of the DC universe and makes it feel small and big at the same time. It achieves this by throwing in iconic characters such as Joker and Superman that aid a plot fitting everybody in. This plot integrates the universe and manages to interlink them all into a cohesive story.

The opening scene is a great sequence that outlays everything and leaves the audience on the knife edge as to what is going to happen. And the opening graphic for the title is smashing and is stylised very well that also feels very… well… comic.

The new villain Hush was really good and managed to be engaging that carried the plot but was also enigmatic. However, sometimes the lack of presence of the villain made the story fall flat sometimes and made batman go on a quest for what I felt had no real purpose. In saying that though Batmans discovery of who Hush is makes for a very captivating ending.

A really engaging factor in this film was the story between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne and Batman and Catwoman. And the eventual reveal to one another that they are both the same person that they have fallen for is interesting and raises the stakes of the movie and provides Hush with an extra angle for him to come at Batman.

However, the brutal nature of this film helps appeal towards an older demographic when Batman and Joker have a little face off and leaves the audience silent as to what Batman is going to do. Warner Bros. have created a great movie that really targets the audience that they want, DC comic book fans but are of the young adult age. This in turn means they can push the boundaries of what they can show.

The animation itself isn’t one that blew me away and, in some respects, I think is quite dull. But, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it however, I believe the comic being so amazing and the artwork in that, some of which we don’t see in the movie left me a bit disappointed.

All in all, I think this was thoroughly enjoyable and made for an entertaining watch but fell short of some of the aspects of the comic.

I rate this movie: 3.5/5

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